Since 1960,

PISCO BIONDI has been producing one of the best piscos in Peru, being recognized as a PREMIUM PISCO.

It has received this recognition due to the ancient processes in the conception of the distillation which grants a PISCO with unmatched characteristics.

Our cellar,

Located in the Moquegua Valley, since 1960, our founder Don Antonio Biondi Bernales was devoted to producing a Pisco of exceptional characteristics. The same one that is recognized to date under the motto Tradition and Quality.

The cellar has areas for the reception of grapes, fermentation, distillation, rest, bottling and dispatch; in addition to areas for attention to our visitors and for future expansion. We are equipped with modern machinery, which allows an efficient and high-quality elaboration.

Our Vineyards,

The Moquegua valley is known for offering one of the best-quality pisco grapes. Its excellent climate permits to encapsulate the properties of the grapes in a better way.

PISCO BIONDI is produced with grapes from our own vineyards, which enables us to have the process controlled from the vine and thus obtain the best Peruvian pisco.